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These Aren’t Laws | Bad r/Legaladvice

Cops can’t lie to you? Does that sound right? Are you sure you can’t marry your cousin?

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Law School vs. Med School: Which Is Harder?

Devin Stone, the Legal Eagle himself, challenged me to a debate over which was harder: Med School or Law School. So he got a COVID test and came to New York to hold a mock trial face to face. Med…

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Learn Law Better trailer -- Better Student. Better Lawyer.

I am committed to helping you become a better student, a better lawyer, and learn the law better. With twenty years of teaching experience, my passion is to help students master the skills they need…

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Should You Go to Law School

Wondering if you should go to law school? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of going to law school, along with some advice before you make your decision.